Pictures from the commemorative booklet produced for the opening of the new McFadzean building on the 16th May 1961.

Rear cover

Front cover

Inside rear cover

The above picture is from Alison Holder and dates from approx early 50s.
 It is taken on the roof of the HV building.
 So far 3 people have been identified :-  
- Geoff Holder  - at the back, to the right of the chap with the hat;
 - Harry Kelly (with the hat).  He was the lab steward for the Rubber and Plastics Dept for many years.  Retired late 70s; Died 1987.
- Eric Chawner (front; 2nd left).  By the time I joined in '61 he was the glassblower.  Retired about 1980; died about 3 years ago.